[CT Birds] FOY Catbird

Kathy Van Der Aue kathyvda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 13:37:44 EDT 2012

Today we banded the first GRAY CATBIRD of the year at Birdcraft, the first
of many, I'm sure.  We also had one unbanded White-throated sparrow.  They
usually overlap just a few days at most so I suspect we have seen about the
last of the White-throats.  This was a stunning white form male, only
second year but already very handsome indeed.  I was in Maine for the last
few days and saw the first yellow-rumped warbler at our house there
yesterday.  Birdcraft is located at 314 Unquowa Road, in Fairfield.

Kathy Van Der Aue
Southport, Connecticut
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