[CT Birds] Lake Whitney: Y-C Night H., &c. &c.

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Fri Apr 20 18:13:25 EDT 2012

Below, link to photos at Lake Whitney, Friday, 4/20.  (Roy, submission for daily list at very bottom.)

1) Lake level:  I gather the repairs are done, and the level should be up soon, given the rain coming.  LW bounces back quickly.  It's been down for only a short period, & areas with plants didn't wholly drain, so I doubt anything happened to this 100 or 110 year old lake complex.  If I get more info, I'll send it.  As noted before, still 60% water left.  I imagine the dry spring & hence low levels & flow made this an inviting time.

2)  Birds.  A: YCNH; B: others;  C: Eagle, &c.

A:  FOY Yellow Crowned Night Heron (last photos in those linked below).  1 Adult & perhaps one 1st summer, sitting on tip of peninsula.  I've never seen one on LW before;  I saw a pair visit Little Avis once, several years ago.
	Also, 1 GBH &, in Web Brook, Gt. Egret.


B:  Shore birds, &c.:  of the waders & hoped for, all I saw today were a couple of Killdeer, one chasing the other.  (I keep wanting birds to behave politely, but....)  Mr. B. Kingfisher was noisy.  Barn and Tree Swallows, and perhaps N. Roughs.  Wood Duck pair, Mallard pair, + other usual suspects.

C:  Raptors, all seen from Waite St. near bridge.  Adult Bald Eagle, nice view of low circling bird, behind peninsula.  Osprey.
	Plus neat Buteo behavior, which I've not seen before here.  Not sure what hawk, but they looked dark underneath.  Three were circling around.  One was having a marvelous time, as follows.  With its legs hanging down, it would pull in its wings & glide down, & pull up to a stall, pull in again-often with a turn-and glide again.  It went back and forth, up and down, for several minutes, entrancingly.  I hope you can picture what I mean.  In any case, it was a thrill, esp. just after the Eagle & YCNH.  

From Arthur Shippee
4/20 - Hamden, Lake Whitney -- Yellow Crowned Night Heron (1 adult, perhaps 1 1st summer), adult Bald Eagle.

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