[CT Birds] Some yards birds and more; interesting House Wren behavior

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Fri Apr 20 22:34:36 EDT 2012

It is great to be home after three weeks of wanderings.  Filled my bird feeders late Thursday nite and was greeted this morn by a gorgeous White-throated Sparrow at the feeder!  They never come to the feeder!  But I am absolutely certain of what I saw.  I was surprised that one was still around, as my tribe of White-throated had already thinned out three weeks ago.

The House Wrens are back in my neighbors' yard singing constantly, and my neighbors related to me an interesting story re: their behavior.  Two chickadees were attempting to nest in the wren house and had built a nest.  Well, the wrens returned as they do each year to this house, and
 one morn my neighbors woke to find nest material spread all over their deck railing.  
Apparently the two house wrens had vigorously cleaned out all evidence of those intrusive chickadees and were starting to build their own nest from a clean slate.

From the sights and cascading sounds emanating from my neighbors' deck today, where their wren house is, nest building is well underway.  Wrens may be little, but do not mess with them!

Er... I have three empty bird houses in my yard.  Sigh!

I am soooooo envious of all of you out there finding the early water thrushes, etc.   Think of me in Queens where seeing anything different from a pigeon or a house sparrow is a major event.  I am learning to love cardinals and mockingbirds. I actually thought I had a Warbling Vireo this week, but it turned out to be a female house sparrow.

How is that for either bad birding or wishful thinking!  

Carolyn Cimino
Sometimes Waterford

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