[CT Birds] FOY warblers

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Fri Apr 20 23:16:52 EDT 2012

4/20 - New Milford garden - FOY Palm Warbler and several gorgeous  
Yellow-rumped Warblers.  Louisiana Waterthrush singing lustily - he may  stay.  
Still one singing White-throated Sparrow.  House Wren bubbling  and checking 
boxes.  Several Yellow-bellied sapsuckers  drumming, Flickers shrieking - also 
Pileateds, Red-bellies, Hairies and  Downies.  Tufted Titmice with a variety 
of calls.  Chipping Sparrows  trilling.  Robin AY.  Bluebirds sitting on 
eggs.  Juncos (had 4  or 5) left Monday night.  Great Blue Heron fishes my 
stream quite  often - there were some quite big trout.  Lots of noisy activity! 
Angela Dimmitt

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