[CT Birds] Lake Whitney back up.

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Mon Apr 23 15:57:49 EDT 2012

If I'm trespassing the limits of a birding list a bit, my apologies for one last note.

Lake Whitney, which drains quite an area, pops back quickly with rain.  We could even see considerable filling Sunday afternoon.  Here's a final note on the SC RWA drawdown, now ended.  (RWA is a company, not a town or state agency, but nor is it quite private, it's an odd entity.)  The work included the eel way.

I would add, of any draw-down threat to LW:  some of the shallowest sections of the lake drain through bottlenecks of some sort, so they remain either considerably full or at least wet & muddy even when the main lake is dropped.  RWA has studied and continues to study LW closely (it's their product, after all!), and a by-word I've heard there is "a healthy lake is a clean lake."  

Begin forwarded message from RWA:

Our ongoing program to maintain the safety of our dams is the driver for the current drawdown of Lake Whitney.  There was no outside funding for the dam maintenance work & the work was authorized by the DEEP Dam Safety section.  The current dry conditions presented a window of opportunity to do  this work, given the difficulty of lowering the water level of the reservoir during typical spring flow conditions.  We have conducted similar drawdowns periodically over the years, and there have been no lasting impacts detected on the environment of Lake Whitney.

	And from today:
We completed our work at the Lake Whitney dam today and the reservoir has refilled.

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