[CT Birds] NH joins the willet-club on 4/24 many days after CT (on 4/8)

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 03:36:21 EDT 2012

NH reported its apparent FOY two willets on 4/24......

No willets reported from Maine yet this year, leaving it as the only East
Coast state not yet reporting willets this year.

Rick Sandella emailed me recently that he noted the first willets this year
in Guilford CT around April 8th, which is about a week earlier than the
earliest CT date we had this year thus far. Thanks Rick! This puts willets
in CT substantially earlier than every other state north of Delaware....


Please remember that all this is based solely upon the internet birding
lists reports, and the unevenness of these numbers may be more of a
reflection of the unevenness of internet reporting than the birds actual
movements. For example, very few willets have been reported from NJ, but it
is 99.99% certain that there are lots of willets now in south coastal NJ,
but apparently not being reported on the internet lists. Perhaps because
not many April birding trips were made to those coastal marshes? So what
does the substantially earlier reporting of willets in CT mean? That CT
birders cover the CT coastal marsh areas more thoroughly in this state? Or
that willets actually arrive in CT earlier than NJ, NY, RI, etc?

Tom Robben
Glastonbury CT

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