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> Interesting info from Blair Nikula.
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>> Subject: [MASSBIRD] storm & overshoots revisited
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>> Presumably due to its more easterly track, the Monday storm failed to produce much in Massachusetts (other than on Nantucket),  but it did produce a good fall-out to our north, particularly in Nova Scotia and on Machias Seal Island.  I've compiled the following rough totals - undoubtedly incomplete - based upon a perusal of the listservs:
>> Blue Grosbeak: About 24(!) on Machias Seal Island; 15 in Nova Scotia (including 8 at one location and 6 at another!); one  in Maine.
>> Indigo Bunting: 35+ in Nova Scotia; a dozen on Machias Seal Island; 3+ in Maine.
>> Rose-breasted Grosbeak: 21+ in Nova Scotia; 10 in New Brunswick (6 on Machias)
>> Baltimore Oriole: 5 in Nova Scotia.
>> Summer Tanager: one in Maine.
>> Scarlet Tanager: one in Nova Scotia.
>> Hooded Warbler: 2 in Maine.
>> Yellow-throated Warbler: one in Nova Scotia.
>> Prothonotary Warbler: one in Nova Scotia.
>> Also intriguing was the presence of a couple dozen Veeries on Machias; this is not a species typically associated with these storms.
>> I'm sure the above totals are incomplete, and had the storm fallen on a weekend there would have been many more birds reported.
>> Finally, a note about frigatebirds to address Steve Arena's question: Most of the frigatebirds seen in the northeast have NOT been associated with storms - at least not in any direct or obvious way.  So the recent sightings are not unusual in that respect, though the date(s) are certainly surprising.
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