[CT Birds] Bluebird Fledglings

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I doubt it was the cold.
It was most likely from the parasite I was talking about which seems to do the young in before they are able to fledge
You should remove them, clean out the box and install the wire mesh bench at the bottom as suggested. Hopefully the parents will attempt to nest again.
Perhaps there are specifications on the internet on how to make the wire mesh bench

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I would remove it and clean it out to ensure there are no parasitic larval fly maggots that emerge from the nest material and parasitize the young at night by sucking their blood.  This can be a significant cause of mortality for young bluebirds if the infestation is heavy enough.

It also helps to insert wire mesh "benches" for the birds to build their nests on as the maggots retreat down into the nest material during the day to escape capture by the adults and may fall through the screen, unable to return the following night to parasitize the young once again.

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I am thrilled to announce that efforts to deter House Sparrows and encourage Bluebirds has been successful. 5 eggs have hatched and each looks quite healthy and strong. Only 15 feet away, Tree Swallows are beginning their nesting as well. Both species seem just fine having nests so close to each other. I took a quick peek and a photo of the Bluebirds but don't want to continue to do so for fear I might disturb the babies. One question...is it advisable to remove the nest after the last fledgling leaves or leave the nest in the box??
Elaine in Bristol
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