[CT Birds] Florida birds

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Mon Apr 30 12:09:57 EDT 2012


I still read this e-mail religiousl to see what is going on in the CT birding worls, I miss contributing! I moved to southwest Florida, on the gulf coast, and just wanted to give those of you in Ct an idea of what comes to my feeders. 

I have 3 rose-breasted grosbeaks, a pair of indigo buntings as my favorites, as well as a red-bellied woodpecker. Mourning doves here eat perched at the feeders, where as when I was in Ct they always ate off the ground only, not sure why? 

I have a lot more common birds, but the one's mentioned in the first sentence, are my favorites. Hope everyone is enjoying! Miss chiming in, but still a faithful reader. 


weatherwizard at comcast.net 

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