[CT Birds] Stratford bits lately

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 30 15:03:36 EDT 2012

>From Frank Mantlik


4/30,  Long Beach Blvd., McKinney Refuge (with Greg Hanisek, in part) - 2 
Clapper Rails, Virginia Rail, Hermit Thrush, Warbling Vireo, Yellow Warbler, 
Common Yellowthroat, 6 BOAT-TAILED GRACKLES, 2 Marsh Wrens, 1 Seaside Sparrow, 
pair Am. Wigeon and Mute Swan pair with 3 cygnets continue on "Warehouse" Pond.
4/30, Oak Bluff Ave., salt marshes - 3 Glossy Ibis in flight (one was noticeably 
larger than the other two; presumably male vs. female).
4/30,  Short Beach Park - 250 Brant, 100's of Sanderlings and Dunlin on tidal 
4/30,  Wooster Park - Baltimore Oriole.
4/30, home - juvenile Mourning Dove (my first of year). 

4/29, Wooster Park (Freeman & Quail) - Northern Waterthrush, 3 Yellow-rumped 
Warblers, pair Green-winged Teal.
4/29, Short Beach Park (Dorne Dr.) - adult White-crowned Sparrow in dune shrubs.

4/28, Shakespeare Theatre Park (Elm St.) - 4 Yellow-crowned Night Heron nests in 
large Sycamore trees near entrance.  Another one inside the park (fide Barney 
Bontecou), and one more behind the Duchess Diner (Stratford Ave.).

4/26, Sikorsky Airport - Killdeer with 2 chicks at rotary.

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