[CT Birds] Migration last night/Stratford birds today

Scott Kruitbosch skruitbosch at ctaudubon.org
Tue May 1 16:28:52 EDT 2012

Last night we had heavy migration occurring throughout the Mid-Atlantic coming into much of CT, especially west as Nick mentioned, for the first time in around 10 days. After the big low that finally ended the drought CT has had unstable conditions and poor winds limiting much of the nocturnal movement. Decent diurnal migration occurred on some days, but nights have been quiet and birds have been locked to the south. Finally we broke through, and with showers and heavier than expected rain coming in, fallouts were expected.

I was out in southern Stratford at Stratford Point, nearby areas, and around Great Meadows NWR from 6:45 this morning here and there until the afternoon. Many spots had decent numbers of migrants, while some had more than expected, and others less. What was surprising was how the birds consisted of April migrants and only the very beginnings of the neotropicals. I had only three warblers species and one vireo - Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Common Yellowthroat, and Warbling. I had copious amounts of Gray Catbirds, especially concentrated in some patches were they were obviously downed. White-throated, Swamp, Savannah, and Song Sparrows were well represented. Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Eastern Towhee, House Wren, and other "Aprilish" species were all over too.

Whiles representatives of a bunch of late April and May species have leaked into CT we are still missing their full force. You might have had days with individuals here and there, but many reports have been of a low number/moderate diversity at best and few birds most typically. It is not just you and your patch - we have had bad luck and poor conditions. We are still due for a huge burst of birds to hit us to kick off May, and despite being so "early" for so long we are now "late" for many. Most are still trying to catch up and make it to our state. Tonight should be tough for them and Wednesday a little better. Thursday night may be decent but it may take until the weekend to really get things moving. If we can get some fog on LIS and any decent southerly flow in the next couple of days that could be interesting for coastal areas as well.

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