[CT Birds] East Rock Fallout Today

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Tue May 1 17:03:38 EDT 2012

After finding the Semipalmated Plovers and the Least Tern,I decided to try East Rock Park. I arrived about 12:40pm and almost immediately ran into Bill Batsford who had also just arrived.We birded together until about 3:19pm. It had just stopped raining and the trees were alive with the sounds and movements of warblers as well as other passerines.Catbirds were everywhere we looked, as well as Yellow-rumped Warblers but there were many surprises. The following is some of the species we had today.
5/1/12 - New Haven- East Rock Park- Blue-headed,Warbling and Yellow-throated Vireos,Ruby-crowned Kinglets,Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,Wood Thrush, Gray Catbirds,Blue-winged Warbler,Northern Parula,Yellow Warblers,Yellow-rumped Warblers,Black-throated Green Warblers,Black-and-white Warblers,American Redstart,Worm-eating Warbler,a possible Mourning Warbler,and a pair of Eastern Towhees(with Bill Batsford)
Tomorrow's NHBC First Wednesday should be interesting!
I also had an Orchard Oriole across the street at the CT Trust property.
Tina Green


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