[CT Birds] Willets reach Canada on 4/22 about 14 days after reaching CT

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Tue May 1 21:09:11 EDT 2012

Willets finally reached the Canadian maritime provinces in the last ten
days, and I added those FOY dates to the summary below, and to the
worksheet online (see the link at the bottom).

Still continuing to wonder why the CT willets arrived earlier than most
nearby states, I superimposed this year's eBird FOY dates for willets on
this analysis and worksheet. The legend explaining this worksheet is shown
in yellow at the bottom of that online worksheet.

eBird showed willets in Carolinas, VA, MD and NJ in January, suggesting
"western willets", so this eBird data was excluded, since this analysis is
really about "eastern willets" migrating north up the east coast, not
"western willets".

eBird showed FOY willets in NY on april 1st and in MA on april 9th. These
two dates are earlier than we had from their state lists, and make the CT
early dates less outstanding, but this still does not explain why the NJ,
NY and MA internet bird lists did not detect willets closer to those eBird
early dates. Do those states report relatively more to eBird and less to
their internet bird lists??
In some states (NY, MA) the eBird FOY dates were earlier, and in other
states (CT, NH, NovaScotia) the internet bird list FOY dates were earlier.
Is this a pattern or random?
Will look into the eBird data some more to see if CT is really earlier for
willets, or if it is something else, such as un-even reporting, but most
likely this is the final post in this series on willet migration to

NewFoundland & Labrador… none yet as of 5/1 [eBird none]
PrinceEdwardIsland… 4/28  [eBird April 28th]
NovaScotia… 4/22  [eBird April 26th]
NewBrunswick…4/27 [eBird April 16th]
ME ---------+---------+------ 4/26th of April  [eBird April 26th]
NH ---------+---------+---- 4/24  [eBird April 27th]
MA ---------+------- 4/17  [eBird April 9th]
RI ---------+---------+- 4/21  [eBird April 21st]
CT -------- 4/08  [eBird April 14th]
NY ---------+-------- 4/18  [eBird April1st]
NJ ---------+------- 4/17  [eBird Jan3rd]
DE ----- 4/05  [eBird March 24th]
MD ------- 4/07  [eBird Jan1st]
VA - 4/01  [eBird Jan1st]
Carolinas ----- 4/05  [ebird Jan1st]


Good birding!

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