[CT Birds] Snowy Egret X Little Egret?

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 4 23:56:11 EDT 2012

>From Frank Mantlik
May 4, 2012 
Mid-day today at the Stewart McKinney Refuge in Stratford, I saw and 
photographed a Snowy Egret that had the typical bushy crest/nape, but also had 
1-2 very long head plumes, ala LITTLE EGRET.  The bill shape was wrong for 
Little Egret; it looked otherwise like a typical Snowy Egret.  I suspect it 
might have some hybrid genes.  As I recall both species are present in a 
breeding colony in one of the Caribbean Islands.  We have seen birds like this 
once or twice in past years in CT; they've been suspected to be "hybrids".   I 
will post some photos, probably tomorrow.  

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