[CT Birds] Tree Massacre on Route 2 and the Birds

zellene sandler zellene at earthlink.net
Sat May 5 11:22:32 EDT 2012

You have probably all heard about the tree cutting on Route 2. Not only are
they clear-cutting  the median strips, but also a 30 foot border along the
roadside. Apparently the crews know little about pruning trees and instead
of cutting remaining roadside tree limbs back to the shoulder cusp where
they are close to the trunk, they are leaving long branches partly cut.
This can lead to diseased trees at the 30 foot margin, thus requiring more
cutting and more tax dollars spent. (The budget for tree cutting was
increased this year and will double to about 3 million for next year.)

I am concerned for the birds who use the medians and road margins for
nesting. This is the worst possible time to be taking down trees. I wonder
just how many nests are being destroyed in this process?  

I do not believe every tree they are removing is compromised by the October
storm. The DEEP and CDOT have rationalized this as being necessary for
public safety, but I just cannot believe them. How many accidents have been
caused by falling tree limbs on Rt 2? I wonder. And what other roadsides
are they planning to attack? As a retired CDOT employee, I know how zealous
the agency is to take down trees.


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