[CT Birds] Bakersville Swamp - New Hartford.

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Sat May 5 11:38:58 EDT 2012

This morning, 8:00 went to Bakersville Swamp - New Hartford.

Certainly not a huge fall out, but birds were all around 
In drizzle and Fog - Seen in with all the resident regulars were:

Warbling Vireo &
Blue-Headed Vireo - lots.
Baltimore Oriole - lots.
Sharp-shinned Hawk eating a Yellow Warbler.
4 - RUSTY BLACKBIRD - poss more.
4 Purple finch - they nest here.

1 - BT Blue.
2 - BT Green.

And bird of the day for me - An Empidonax Flycatcher - not a Least!
This bird showed more gray, not green/brown.
very weak eye ring - was in open swamp where they do nest here.
I believe a Willow or Alder but did not call. If so, very early!

Of Note: I saw 4 low Ring-billed Gull flying due south in the fog. Are they
still to be found here inland? And why flying south? any ideas?

On to a dirt rd near Brody Park.

Heard in the deep mixed woods - 
Wood thrush.
Hermit thrush.
saw and heard many Blue-h-Vireo.
Purple Finch.
saw and heard several Junco.
saw 1 White-t-Sparrow.
heard several Warblers as well.

Big numbers not here yet, but coming!

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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