[CT Birds] Stratford birding 5/5

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 5 20:22:10 EDT 2012

>From Frank & Linda Mantlik

5/5/2012,  Stratford, various sites (home, Wooster Park, McKinney NWR, Oak Bluff 
Ave., Town Greenway) midday - 80 species, including 16 species of warblers 
(Blue-winged, 4 Nashville, 6 N. Parula, 7 Yellow, 2 Magnolia, BT Blue, BT Green, 
35 Yellow-rumped, Blackburnian, 3 Prairie, 1 Palm, 6 Black-and-white, Am. 
Redstart, 2 Ovenbird, No. Waterthrush, 3 Com. Yellowthroat), 4 species of Vireos 
(including White-eyed at McKinney), Veery, Wood Thrush, tons of Catbirds, Brown 
Thrasher, 6 Scarlet Tanagers, 2 E. Towhees, Bobolink (Greenway), Boat-tailed 
Grackles, 2 Orchard and many Baltimore Orioles.

Also, we witnessed a mass northward migration of Red Admiral and Am. Lady 
butterflies.  There was a steady stream of them throughout Lordship.  Had to be 
hundreds of the former; maybe 20 of the latter.
Some of the peak-flowering Russian/Autumn Olive bushes held "flocks" of them.

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