[CT Birds] Acadian Fly Hooded Warblers Nehantic SF Lyme

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 6 11:28:29 EDT 2012

Hiked one of my favorite routes through Nehantic State Forest Lyme Unit this
morning. Once again hiking was the focus and I didn't have time to bird the
forest road but I did have a few interesting things. The notables;


Acadian Flycatcher (1) third year in a row one has been at this forest
interior stream.

Eastern Kingbird (2)

Great Crested Flycatcher (7)

Hooded Warbler (2 males) counter-singing.

Ovenbird (at least 40)

Worm-eating Warbler (at least 30)

Wood Thrush (well over a dozen)

Veery 2 (still not singing yet)


I hiked this loop yesterday as well. There are so many Ovenbirds and
Worm-eating Warblers along this hike I felt like it should be renamed El
Bosque del Hornos y gusanos!


05/06/12  Nehantic State Forest, Lyme Unit - Acadian Flycatcher and 2 Hooded
Warblers counter-singing.





Dave Provencher

Naturally New England


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