[CT Birds] CTYBC Birdcraft, Ash Creek

Alex Burdo aburdo10 at gmail.com
Sun May 6 17:59:46 EDT 2012

>From the Connecticut Young Birders Club:
05/06/12 - Fairfield Birdcraft Sanctuary -- 35 species (7 banded) including
1 Eastern Phoebe, 1 Great Crested Flycatcher, 3 Warbling Vireo, 1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet, 1 Veery, 15 Gray Catbird, 1 Northern Waterthrush, 2
Black-and-white Warbler, 3 Northern Parula, 1 Magnolia Warbler, 1 Yellow
Warbler, 1 'Yellow' Palm Warbler, 6 Yellow-rumped Warbler, 1 WILSON'S
WARBLER, 2 Eastern Towhee, 1 Scarlet Tanager
Fairfield, Ash Creek (Penfield Mills Open Space) -- 48 species including 5
YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON, 6 Black-bellied Plover, 18 Greater Yellowlegs,
1 Eastern Kingbird, 5 Warbling Vireo, 15 Gray Catbird, 1 BROWN THRASHER, 1
Common Yellowthroat, 19 Yellow Warbler, 1 ORCHARD ORIOLE, 3 Baltimore Oriole

Overall it was a fabulous trip! Thanks to the wonderful banders at
Birdcraft (Kathy Van Der Aue, Judy Richardson, Judy Wilkinson, and Jan
Hollerbach) for providing such a terrific demonstration for all the members
who attended. Upcoming trips in the works include River Road in Kent,
Station 43 and Cabela's so stay tuned for news on those!

Alex Burdo

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