[CT Birds] Question about the Blue-winged/Golden-winged hybirds

Tom de Boor tomdb2 at aol.com
Tue May 8 21:16:07 EDT 2012

I have a question for the group about Brewster's and Lawrence's Warblers.
 I know CT is one of the best places to find these birds, but it seems like
whenever one turns up, it's a one or two day wonder (I'm basing this only
on the last few years--I didn't move to CT until 2007 and didn't find
CTbirds until sometime after that). Do they end up settling further north
(i.e. in Golden-winged, rather than Blue-winged country, or somewhere
nearer the true border between the species, which seems to be steadily
moving north)?  Do they just wander around, unable to establish territories
because of their mixed heritage?  Other theories or knowledge about what's
going on?

Tom de Boor
Branford, CT

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