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Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed May 9 19:23:36 EDT 2012

5/9 Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center   10AM-1PM, raining, 60F,
low tide rising. (seen from windows facing marsh)
At 10AM the female osprey was on the nest (no sign of male until 11:35am)
and the newest decoration to the nest is a tin can(either beer or soda can
with dent in it). It was on the nest when I came in.  The male brought her
a fish at 11:35AM (fish was white inside & dark gray skin) which she took
to the perch and ate it until 12:15PM. At 12:15PM she flew around the
marsh, washing her feet and then went onto the ground, preening and then
onto the perch.  Male remained on the nest.
The pair (M&F) of Blue winged teal were on the marsh at low tide, til after
There were  100+ Dunlin, 2 Willets,  mixed flock of 100+ Semi palmated
sandpipers, 4 Semi palmated plovers and 26 Greater yellowlegs with at least
2 Lesser yellowlegs,
1 Snowy Egret, 5 Great egrets, Brant, mute swans.
At 10AM at  the Purple Martin condo were 10 martins on the condo/gourds;
when I left at 1PM there were about 15 martins flying around.  Also seen
were cardinals, mourning doves, Robins, common grackles .
Beverly Propen, Orange

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