[CT Birds] westport warblers, cottage lane

Meredith, Leslie Leslie.Meredith at simonandschuster.com
Sat May 12 11:24:56 EDT 2012

This morning in our oak trees: Yellow warbler, Magnolia warbler, 2 Black-and-white (have been here a few days), male American Redstart, Northern Parula (and 'Heard only' Common Yellowthroat and Black-throated Green).  Don't think we've ever had this many on the lane before. Chimney swifts (3) wheeling overhead.

Also Catbirds, Red-bellied and Downy WPs, Robins, Grackles.  Heard Fish Crow. Wish the Wood thrush would return.

Y'day evening on Maple Av South: Brilliant Balto Oriole ANd a handsome Orchard Oriole.

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