[CT Birds] Glastonbury - 20 warblers and more

Bill Asteriades Asterbunch at cox.net
Sat May 12 19:03:14 EDT 2012

Andrew Dasinger and I birded the morning in Glastonbury, noting the following:

5/5/12 Glastonbury - 98 species and 20 species of warblers. Hollister Preserve, Old Maids Lane, Riverfront Park and other parts of town - 2 BLACK VULTURES, 1 SOLITARY SANDPIPER, 2 COMMON RAVENS, 1 CLIFF SWALLOW (only 2nd time seen in town), 3 BROWN THRASHERS, 1 BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER, 3 BAY-BREASTED WARBLERS, 4 CANADA WARBLERS, 4 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, 12 BOBOLINKS and 2 ORCHARD ORIOLES.

5/11/12 - Glastonbury, Riverfront Park - 1 LINCOLN'S SPARROW.

There was an abundance of warblers today.  It seemed that every tree line offered new warblers.   

Bill Asteriades
South Glastonbury, CT   

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