[CT Birds] all in one tree!

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Sun May 13 13:40:23 EDT 2012

This morning with this beautiful Mother's day weather, at 9:30, i sat in the 
garden and 

saw a Magnolia Warbler in my big Oak tree. Then i noticed many other birds a 
about in the tree. Ran for the nocks - and in the next 30 mins, I saw 12 species 
of Warblers
in that one tree alone.

They were: 

Chestnut -sided
BT Green
BT Blue
Redstart - many
Blackpoll -FOY
Cap-May - FOY - female flew in from my red Cedar tree.
= 12 Warbler species in one tree in 30 Mins!

Other warblers seen from my seat not in Oak tree.

C Yellowthroat
Louisiana Water T
N Parula = 17 species of warbler in 30 Min from yard.

Also - Had a Raven fly up from my compost pile!

Maybe we should have a competition for who can see the most Warblers
in ONE TREE? 12 ties my record for Warblers in one tree in 13 mins seen on May 
18th in West Hartford 1972.

Paul Carrier

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