[CT Birds] Nehantic SF info Pt2 - Long!

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Nice! Thanks. I do like maps myself, they are essential kit (with a compass)
in back country safety. I never hike in back country without them (GPS is
nice but a map can't break/have dead batteries/or fail to find a signal!)
One caveat though, this map would lead the user to think the trails/forest
roads are easily discernible on the ground. While this is a very good map,
that's not always the case. I know the forest well from years of walking it
(on trail and off) and I know some of these roads/trails are far from as
easily followed as a crisply drawn map might imply. There are old paths and
logging tracks that exist in the forest that don't show on the map, and that
might mislead a new visitor thinking this map shows everything they will
encounter. This is a very common and understandable problem and is in no way
meant as a criticism. I'll print this map out and try and clearly annotate
on it the route I described. I'll then scan it as a pdf again. Anyone who
would like it just needs to email me directly (use my home email address in
the header of this message) and I'll send it to you. Just give me a couple
of days, I'll send it before the weekend. I'm in the middle of rebuilding a
lady friend's son's truck engine as well as putting a long hike together in
NW CT for the weekend, so I'm a tad busy this week!

Dave Provencher

Naturally New England
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This link is to the DEP map of Nehantic SF for those of us that like  maps

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