[CT Birds] Question on Redstarts

Marty Swanhall swanhallm at gmail.com
Wed May 16 21:46:44 EDT 2012

Was up at Logue's Farm today and saw birds flying around in a what can be
described as an open area with shrubs and small trees that was surrounded
in the distance by thicker and taller vegetation.

The bird was black and orange/red - either a redstart or oriole.  My first
impression was warbler!  But it seemed too small to be an oriole - it was a
little bigger than a sparrow but no where near a robin size.

Are redstarts found in an environment like that or was it an oriole?  Are
redstarts found in places other than woods?

I saw them on the road across from the barn and pond where I saw the wood
ducks and solitary sandpiper a week or so ago.


Marty in Woodbury

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