[CT Birds] red Baltimore oriole

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 22:44:34 EDT 2012

While birding with Carlos Pedro, Barbara Sherman, and Paul L'Etoile this past Saturday (5/12) at Miantonomi Park in Newport, RI, we found an adult male Baltimore Oriole with distinctive deep red plumage in the breast and sides along with the expected orange.  Carlos was able to get one picture but it does not show the red that was clearly visible in the field.  We assumed this was a result of diet, but I have never seen such color on a Baltimore Oriole or remembered hearing of such a plumage in one.  With a little research, I found that such birds do exist and feeding on non-native plants cause it.

"Birding" - October 2007 has an article on it which I obviously saw but did not remember.  The only birds pictured in the article are immatures. 


Glenn Williams
Mystic, CT

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