[CT Birds] Environmental trauma to yard in New Britain - Bob Jase

busterggi at aol.com busterggi at aol.com
Thu May 17 12:26:52 EDT 2012

I had to have the huge maple tree in my front yard removed along with quite a few bushes in front, along the side & in the rear yards last Friday (long, unpleasant story)  & my visitors have been spooked badly by the change in the yard.  The H sparrows, M doves & cardinals seem to have adjusted quickly, the jays just do not like it & are clearly uncomfortable.  I did have a mated pair of Brown-Headed Cowbirds this morning so I'm still hoping more will return.

BTW - are turkeys still mating?  I thought I heard one Tuesday afternoon but what ever made the noise/call only did so once.

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