[CT Birds] Banding/Bird Behavior

CHARLOTT WESTON charbird at optonline.net
Sat May 19 13:00:36 EDT 2012

CT Audubon Coastal Ctr
Milford Point, Milford Charlotte Weston & Banding group.

We had a very quiet banding day today , only 10 birds: ROBINS, COMMON 
YELLOWTHROATS And CATBIRDS with one SONG SPARROW for good luck. Many of 
these were recaptures recaptures.

We were entertained however by the Fledging (actually more of a forced 
eviction of the young) of a GRACKLE nest. The parents were perched in 
close by tree carrying on almost to the point of squawking at the young, 
seemingly telling them to get out or else.The next think we knew we saw 
something fall and heard a loud kernel  Actually we weren't sure if it 
had fallen or not, but a quick check proved the baby to be quite perky 
and almost, but not quite ready to fly, so we left it in the brush under 
a shrub and the parents continued to check on and take care of it and it 
hopped off into the deep brush.  Then all of a sudden it was like the 
World War II London Blitz (not really  of course), but first another one 
which hung briefly by a toe  then fell and hopped off into the brush. We 
looked for and finally found the nest just as mom pushed another over 
the edge. This one needed a brief assist as it got stuck in the crook of 
the shrub, I took it out and put it in the brush with the others. We 
cold still hear young in the nest too We banded what we thought was the 
mom as immediately after letting her go she went to the nest and shoved 
another over the edge and then went to the others still squawking away 
on the ground. Meanwhile we could still hear one or more still in the 
nest. I imagine by tomorrow they will all be flying.

They did provide a group of bored banders wit an hour or so 
entertainment ;-)

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