[CT Birds] Blue birds

Robley Evans rjeva at conncoll.edu
Sun May 20 16:17:44 EDT 2012

I want to report on early recommendations for keeping sparrows out of
bluebird houses by hanging fishing line or wire over the houses and
entries.  I have five houses, one now replaced by a wren house on a pole
where tree swalllows are now nesting.  I pinned the recommended hangings on
the other four, three in the field, one nailed to my deck railing.  Of the
three, male sparrows kept building nests in each but females will not
enter, at least, not yet, and it is getting late in the mating season.  The
males spend their day calling but uselessly.  The deck rail house has been
occupied by both male and female sparrows, ignoring the lines.  This may be
because they had begun nesting in the furled deck awning just above, until
I tore the nest out.  In other words, they had established territorial
rights in the immediate area.  So far bluebirds nesting in a fifth house
rather removed from the other houses but still visible have not been
bothered, as though it were the battle for empty houses that is the issue.
Anything can happen, I know, and I was making a gamble, so will see.  At
the moment, however, I have the impression that female sparrows avoid what
may seem like traps, leaving the territorial males to carry on with empty
nests and time on their hands, so to speak.  Anypme else noted a gender

On another topic, has anyone noted cackling geese in our area?  I have no
references for a pair of Canada geese obviously smaller than the usual that
fought over the marsh with the big guys, who finally drove them away, with
lots of shouting and splashing on both sides.  Anyone?  P.S.  Black-billed
cuckoo today, heard, then seen.  And alone, as in the past.

Robley Evans   North Stonington

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