[CT Birds] 5/23 - Brooksvale Park and Hamden Yard (Wilson's Warbler)

Kevin Burgio kevin.burgio at gmail.com
Wed May 23 11:29:26 EDT 2012

>From Kevin Burgio;

5/23 w/ Hannah Burgio - Brooksvale Park, Hamden - 2 YELLOW-BELLIED
SAPSUCKERS.  No other rare birds to speak of, but besides normal breeders
(e.g. Scarlet Tanager and etc.) a few warbler species, such as Magnolia,
American Redstart, Prairie, and Blue-winged.  Though, the highlight for me
was a singing Field Sparrow in a power-line cut.  50 species total.

5/23 - Hamden Yard - 1 WILSON'S WARBLER in with a nice wave of other
warblers, including a female Canada, a couple beautiful male
Chestnut-sideds, a few Blackpolls, and a few female American Redstarts.
 Also noted: a Eastern Wood Peewee, Scarlet Tanager, two Eastern Kingbirds
building a nest in my sycamore tree, and a female Ruby-throated
Hummingbird.  24 species total.

Kevin Burgio

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