[CT Birds] SWAINSON'S Thrush

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 23 21:32:30 EDT 2012

Jerry's sighting of many SWAINSON'S Thrush reminded me of
the same impression I had in Simsbury once. I was visiting a home 
there, and as I went up the drive, I spotted 2 Swainson's in her driveway.
I got out, and there, against the lawn and back woods were 4 more.

Total 6 Swainson's Thrush all at the same time in one place!

I would assume they either tend to migrate together, or maybe gather 
together at a favorable feeding site. Never saw any other thrushes 
(cept Robins and Blue-bs) in such numbers together before.

Paul Carrier

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