[CT Birds] Raven or Crow? & Killdeer - Stratford

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Thu May 24 15:30:01 EDT 2012

I've been monitoring 3 baby Killdeer on the property of my employer in Stratford.  Today while looking for them a Crow or Raven swooped down and took off onto the roof with one, one of the parents in pursuit.  Broke my heart to see that.  A few minutes later the the bird was being chased by a Gull with the parent in pursuit still.  At first I thought it was a Crow that abducted the baby, but seeing the size in relationship to the size of the Gull, I think it might have been a Raven.  However, I have not seen any Ravens in the area since earlier in the year.  Has any fellow birders noted Ravens in the Stratford?

On a lighter note, there have been 7 Cedar Waxwings hanging around the parking lot.  They seem to favor the trees we have with slender, oval leaves that aren't terribly tall.  I will have to find out what type of trees they are.  Today while taking a quick walk at break I was able to stand about 10 feet from the trees and watch them.  It seemed they were eating the smaller leaves.  It was the first time seeing them so close and at eye level (of course the camera was in work!).  There are also 3 Rough-winged Swallows that seem to favor one of the lights in the parking lot as they are sitting on top of it frequently.  Could it be possible that they would be nesting in it?


Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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