[CT Birds] Ansonia & Milford

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Fri May 25 14:07:07 EDT 2012

5/25  Ansonia Nature Center
6:40AM-8:10AM, drizzle,fog, 60.
Very birdy this morning despite the weather.
Highlights were hearing the Red Eyed Vireo, seeing & hearing Rufous sided
Yellow Warbler, Chestnut sided warbler, Baltimore Orioles, Wood
thrushes and the chorus of frogs (not sure which kinds) some of which
sounded like bellowing elks-very low and others sounded mid-range croaking.
Beautiful spider webs in trees.
Other birds seen & heard were American Robins, cowbirds, Cardinals,  Common
Grackles with juveniles, Crows, housewrens, Red bellied woodpeckers,  Red
winged blackbirds,  mockingbirds, common yellowthroats, catbirds,  Tree
swallows, Barn swallows, mourning doves, chipping sparrows,song
sparrows, house finches, house sparrows.
Around 11:50AM-12:30PM, I stopped at the Coastal Center in Milford
(briefly). Ospreys have 2 chicks, so far,
15 Purple Martins, 9 Great Egrets, 1 Snowy Egret, Black bellied plovers,
Semipalmated plovers,
Piping plovers, no sign of Red necked Phalarope at that time,
& the other regular clients-Cardinals, mourning doves, Grackles, RW
Beverly Propen, Orange

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