[CT Birds] Common cuckoo?

John Flynn flynnjohn at me.com
Sat May 26 13:21:27 EDT 2012

Hi all! I'm new to the list but I had an interesting morning at laurel marsh in Manchester that I thought I'd share. I heard what sounded like a common cuckoo calling. It was definitely not a dove and I heard it at least 20 times over the 30 minutes that I looked for the bird.  I was able to pinpoint exactly where the bird was singing from but he was completely obscured by thick foliage. Is this a common call for mockingbirds to imitate? To me it seems a bit strange given the ranges of the two birds and the relative scarcity of the common cuckoo in the US. Any help or explanation of what I was hearing would be greatly appreciated. I frequently see mockingbirds throughout Manchester but I have never seen them at laurel marsh. This could easily be an oversight on my part. On the non bird side of things I found two snapping turtles and one particularly grumpy mother laying her eggs. I'm also pretty sure I saw the resident mink again. I was convinced enough jump off the walkway into shin deep mud to try to get a better look and a photograph. The only less common bird (at least for the marsh) that I was able to photograph was an eastern towhee. Any help would be appreciated on my cuckoo quandary, I'm a pretty inexperienced bird watcher.

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