[CT Birds] Poor Red-tailed Hawk...

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 30 21:58:20 EDT 2012

    While shopping at a local Torrington plaza, I saw a Red-tailed Hawk flying 
towards me over the parking lot from the woods, being harassed by 2 Crows. Then 
a pair of Kingbirds took over. As he past over a wet area, the Kingbirds were 
replaced by 2 Red-w-Blackbirds, who quickly gave up their spots to 3 Grackles. 
They in turn submitted their job to 2, what appeared to be Tree Swallows. From 
here who knows.

But . . . What a harassing daily life a Red-tailed Hawk must bear in the summer 
breeding months!

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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