[CT Birds] Fairfield - American Kestrel, Purple Martin

Alex Burdo aburdo10 at gmail.com
Thu May 31 13:09:27 EDT 2012

While waiting for my ride at the Train Station Overflow parking lot near
the northbound I-95 rest stop on Round Hill Road, I noticed a bird of prey
quickly zoom by, heading east-southeast. I was quickly able to identify it
as an American Kestrel, which sort of surprised me to say the least. I have
never seen this species off-territory during May, and never in Fairfield
during this month as they are sparse breeders here. There was certainly no
mistaking what this bird was, however. Could it be a failed breeder? Or
perhaps could actually be breeding nearby? This bird was flying over a
pretty urban section of town, and although I know this species does nest in
urban areas in places like New York, I was unaware of it taking on the same
practice in the suburbs. Anyone have any thoughts?

>From Alex Burdo:
05/31/12 - Fairfield, Train Station Overflow lot on Round Hill Road -- 1
AMERICAN KESTREL flyby, heading in an easterly direction.
Fairfield, Fairfield Beach Road -- 1 female PURPLE MARTIN hawking insects
above the road. It seems reasonable to say that this species has resumed
breeding in the box along the road, as James Purcell reported a male over
the same area yesterday.

Alex Burdo

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