[CT Birds] Meshomasic S.F., South Glastonbury

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Sun Jun 3 06:48:27 EDT 2012

Sunday, June 2, 5 p.m., at the pond/swamp area: 

Great-Crested Flycatcher 

2 Eastern Kingbirds 

numerous T ree S wallows 

Downy W oodpecker 

F. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 

2 Scarlet Tanagers 

3 Yellow Warblers 

2 Blue Herons 

3 Baltimore Orioles 

3 Cedar Waxwings 

Belted Kingfisher 

Heard: Red-Bellied Woodpecker 

And one mystery: Saw and heard a woodpecker, in and out of its tree 

nest. The only bird I can find in field guides and internet that look 

like it is the ladder-backed, whose range is far south and west of 

here. Is it possible, or does anyone have alternative suggestions 

as to what it could be? About the size of the Hairy, but the red on 

its head was more of a stripe than a spot. And more of a creamy 

breast than white. 

Jean, East Hartford 

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