[CT Birds] Trout Brook Hybrid warbler

paul wolter pwolter6 at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 3 15:33:02 EDT 2012

from Paul Wolter

6/3/12 Weston, Trout Brook Valley Conservation area. In the open field area on the green trail I saw a male Blue-winged warbler and an apparent hybrid chasing each other, and then once both fluttering their wings and tails with the head down. The second bird was the same plumage as the male Blue-winged except for a black cheek, which was not fully grown in. Also 1 Yellow-billed cuckoo (heard), and 3 Acadian Flycatchers (two seen on the green trail).

6/3/12 Redding, Rte 53 bridge at north end of Sauagatuck Reservoir. 3 (probably 4) Cliff Swallow.

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