[CT Birds] Mississippi Kites - recent Simsbury sightings?

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 Hi Brenda!

Actually, the Simsbury Mississippi Kite nest failed in early June 2010 when the egg blew out of the nest in a strong windstorm on or about June 3rd.  The nest was subsequently taken over by gray squirrels.

In 2011, there were sporadic reports of Mississippi Kite at Great Pond, however, only a single bird was seen. To my knowledge, no one ever saw more than one bird.  

I think it would be a stretch to think that the New York birds are the same pair that nested in Simsbury, although I suppose anything is possible.  My own guess is that one of the pair did arrive in Simsbury last year, but perhaps something happened to the mate.  Other birders think there was a nest last year, but it was never located. I think if the birds nested in 2011, at some point the pair would have been seen.

In 2012, a single observer has reported a kite at Great Pond on one occasion.

Good Birding,

Jay Kaplan


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Greetings to all,

Today while out driving around I stopped to see the pair of Mississippi Kites at 
Sterling Forest Visitors Center in Sterling Forest State Park, NY.  It was just 
a thought that this pair (observed mating today) could be the same two that 
nested at Great Pond in Simsbury, CT in previous years.  I'm wondering if anyone 
has seen the two at Great Pond this season.  I was informed that their nest had 
been destroyed, I believe, during Hurricane Irene.  Sure, it's just 
suppositional as there have been many Mississippi Kite sightings in the 
northeast this past month, but it's interesting that the Sterling Pair are not 
that far from Simsbury.  Have the CT birds returned?

If anyone is contemplating a visit to Sterling, the birds are easily viewed from 
a distance right from the visitor parking lot without hardly leaving the car!  
It is concerning that too many people might be a disturbance.  I've heard that 
the area may eventually be restricted somehow.  In the meantime, it's crucial to 
observe responsible and respectful birding and photography.  Today there were 
folks right under the snags where the birds were perched and mating, both 
birders and photographers.  It's not necessary to be that close; it was clear 
that the birds took notice.

Brenda Inskeep - Stamford

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