[CT Birds] Acadian flycatchers

Fran Zygmont fzygmont at charter.net
Mon Jun 4 22:54:11 EDT 2012

Just a brief comment - I thought they were sparse this year with only one scouted in northern CT for our Raven Luna-Tick Big Day (300+miles of scouting) in mid-May.  Until.....I had 10, yes, 10(!) on the Woodbury-Roxbury summer bird count this past Sunday - all in suitable habitat. 4 were along the Shepaug river in Steep Rock Reservation in Washington, 3 along Judds Bridge rd near Sentry Hill rd in Roxbury and 3 others. 

They are a later migrant so two weeks between the times noted above, or, the fact they were found in a more southern location may be the reason(s) for the increase in #s. 


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