[CT Birds] Birdsong ID's - something to do on a rainy day - Answers!

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Jun 5 15:57:02 EDT 2012

The consensus answer, though not unanimous, is that the bird high in the  
pine was a Purple Finch, and I believe that's correct. I thought of them at  
the time, because the voice sounded right and I have seen and heard them in 
the  same location before. It was the song that bothered me because it 
seemed so  repetitive and not what I normally hear. 
There is no longer a question about the bird low in the brush - I found it! 
 And I am amazed! Several people suggested Redstart, and again, the voice 
sounded  right to me but not the song. Well it is an American Redstart - an 
ADULT FEMALE!  Perhaps everyone but me knows that they sing but I had no 
idea. And no field  guide I own references female song.
Today I went to the same spot and heard the bird again, and tried a  couple 
of songs. First a Blackburnian, because I thought of that myself, and it  
had been suggested to me as well. That got no response. 
Then I tried Redstart, and it took a minute or two but a bird came swooping 
 out of the trees and almost into the window of my car. I thought I 
recognized it  but wouldn't believe it. But the bird stayed in the trees next to 
the car, going  back and forth and singing loudly, and when I was finally able 
to see it through  the leaves It was, indeed, a female Redstart. To confirm 
that it was the singer  I actually watched it sing several times. I do not 
believe there is any  possibility it is a young or juvenile male - it fits 
adult female perfectly and  I had a very good look. The song is actually very 
much like some versions of a  "normal" Redstart, just simpler, basically 
just 4 ascending notes. 
Now if I could just get the Black-throated Blues to stop singing like  
Don Morgan

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