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So sorry to hear about your eggs - I've had the same experience with the  
babies disappearing before they could be ready to fledge, say 8 days, and the 
 nest undamaged.  Again with all the predator guards - just hoped they had  
fledged.  responses to your query will be interesting


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Subject:  [CT Birds] bluebird eggs disappear
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Woodbury, CT. Darcy Thurrott
Possible  2nd nesting of bluebird pair that successfully fledged a brood
about 2 weeks  ago.
Nest fully built, with 2 eggs but on 4th day eggs gone, nest fully  intact.
Box is on 3/8 metal pole, with metal cone under box & duct tape  closing gap
at top of cone. Box is totally correct for bluebirds.
What  possible predator?
Red  squirrel?

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