[CT Birds] Update on 9 Ducklings from Hamden

Sheril Frano sfrano at att.net
Sun Jun 10 20:29:43 EDT 2012

Dear all,

Many, (MANY) thanks to everyone who reached out to offer help in the form of
contact info and those who also contacted people on our behalf to help. I
also must thank our list managers/moderators for getting our note out so
fast.  Our neighbor was able to reach a friend and the ducklings will be
taken to the famous Ranger Dan at East Rock park tomorrow who will help take
care of them.

They have remained healthy and spirited today- we made a pen on the grass
for them and made sure to keep them warm, gave them access to shallow bowls
of water and they ate (tried to swim, fly, climb, jump, run away). Now
they're settling down in a box with tight wire on top, on a towel for the
night in our garage (we have two windows with screens, so they'll have air
but be warm). ID'd as Wood Ducks - probably obvious to most, it seems they
are approx. 1 week old. The Mother remains a mystery but we did attempt to
monitor their box near the tree and no sign of being able to reunite and
very unsafe area to do so. 

I am happy I learned where to turn in the event this kind of situation
happens, because I at least had a clue where to begin with birding people,
wildlife centres and how to Google rehabbers, but actually raising anyone
who could offer/provide some tangible help was much more difficult being a
Sunday etc. 

Thank you again and happy birding,

Sheril & Scott Frano

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Dear Bird List,

Can anyone help us. A neighbor just brought us 9 ducklings that fell out of
a tree in front of our house (suburban Hamden). A cat raided a squirrel nest
apparently and caused havoc. Mum is nowhere to be found. There is nowhere
safe to leave them to be reunited - if she is around- due to the road and
cats that live here. The only waterway is a few streets away behind the CVS
and BB&Beyond that we know of, and a small pond another few blocks away.
They aren't old enough to have their water coating from what we can see
(bearing in mind we're birdwatchers, not duckwatchers)

Coincidentally, a dead duck (small, but seemed mature) was retrieved from my
neighbors chimney last weekend, a pair of ducks (only sighting showed brown
ducks) and approx. 2 mths ago, a larger duck, brown, very speckled, much
larger than deceased duck was seen in the same tree (giant sugar maple)

We have called various local nature centers and we have photographed the
ducklings for scale, but essentially, we're calling, calling, calling and
nothing tangible is happening. They're too young to survive alone and we
have no clue what to do apart from Google Duckling retrieval 101, meanwhile,
they're in our bathtub, yelling for rescue and at least being smart enough
to huddle together for warmth. I can send a photo if anyone is interested. 

If anyone can help take the ducklings or tell us what do do, we'd be
grateful. We work all day and can't abandon them!

Sheril Frano

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