[CT Birds] Help, 9 Ducklings in my bathtub....

Grimm, Chris chris.grimm at globepequot.com
Mon Jun 11 11:55:25 EDT 2012

Wildlife in Crisis in Weston might be a good bet.  Sorry that I didn't
notice your post sooner.  (203) 544-9913

(But please remember, no matter how much havoc feral/roaming cats cause,
nor how many wild birds and other species they decimate, we're not
supposed to mention them here.)

On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 2:07 PM EDT Sheril Frano wrote:

>Dear Bird List,
>Can anyone help us. A neighbor just brought us 9 ducklings that fell
out of
>a tree in front of our house (suburban Hamden). A cat raided a squirrel
>apparently and caused havoc. Mum is nowhere to be found. There is
>safe to leave them to be reunited - if she is around- due to the road
>cats that live here. The only waterway is a few streets away behind the
>and BB&Beyond that we know of, and a small pond another few blocks
>They aren't old enough to have their water coating from what we can see
>(bearing in mind we're birdwatchers, not duckwatchers)
>Coincidentally, a dead duck (small, but seemed mature) was retrieved
from my
>neighbors chimney last weekend, a pair of ducks (only sighting showed
>ducks) and approx. 2 mths ago, a larger duck, brown, very speckled,
>larger than deceased duck was seen in the same tree (giant sugar maple)
>We have called various local nature centers and we have photographed
>ducklings for scale, but essentially, we're calling, calling, calling
>nothing tangible is happening. They're too young to survive alone and
>have no clue what to do apart from Google Duckling retrieval 101,
>they're in our bathtub, yelling for rescue and at least being smart
>to huddle together for warmth. I can send a photo if anyone is
>If anyone can help take the ducklings or tell us what do do, we'd be
>grateful. We work all day and can't abandon them!
>Sheril Frano

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