[CT Birds] Bicknell's: third time's the charm

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 13 14:44:25 EDT 2012

Just got back from a trip to the White Mountains of NH, where I did the van trip up Mt Washington for the Bicknell's thrush. I had already searched Mt. Mansfield with no luck. It was so windy on Washington that I had to brace myself to stand up. No thrush, but plenty of blackpoll warblers singing (which I could now hear with my Songfinder,) and a boreal chickadee. I decided to take the van trip again the next day, for which they gave me a half-price fare. This time, no wind and the thrush was seen rather well and close to the road at about 4000 feet. The company did offer a free pass to take your car up the auto road to look for the bird on your own, but my car is old and I didn't want to make the drive. 

The leader is quite good and knowedgeable about the birds. She said in the couple of years she has been leading this trip there were only 2 times she could not get the thrush. The previous week they had seen 3 thrushes very close up.

I also did a hike to the Alpine Garden Trail on Mt. Washington to see the flowers, and also possibly nesting Pipits. I believe that there and on Mt. Katahdin are the only places they nest...and Katahdin is much more difficult to hike!  We hiked .3 miles down the Huntington Ravine trail to the Alpine Garden and went across about a mile...no pipits. I would not recommend this hike to anyone but an experienced hiker in good shape, not afraid of heights. Huntington Ravine is a very difficult trail, even for only .3 miles. 


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