[CT Birds] where to get native tree and shrub species

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Hi All

To my knowledge the State does not grow native trees and shrubs for sale.  However, the DEEP maintains a listing of CT native trees and shrubs and the nurseries from which they might be purchased.  See the list at

I would note, however, that I have been able to find some native trees and shrubs at "regular" nurseries...you just have to be careful to be sure to get the right variety of the tree or shrub.  Agway in Southington is one example.  I have also found it helpful to ask the nursery staff if they have
 a section of natives, or can suggest any natives, which they frequently do.

I would also note that the not-for-profit local conservation districts (I know there is an Eastern CT Conservation District and a Northwest Conservation District) each have plant sales in the spring which offer for sale trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, etc, some native and some not, but they are clearly labelled as such in their catalog).  I have had very good luck with using these two sources.  While these might not be the cheapest place to buy plantings, they are a great cause to support.

Good Luck!
Carole Donagher

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What a wonderful response I received from so many on this site about my Mulberry 
tree and its bird users. Thanks you
As far as where to get native tree and shrub species, i believe the State grows 
and sells many here in our State. Does anyone here on this site know of how to 
contact the state about purchasing these plants? So many people wanted to know 
where they can get them.......Please post here if you know. Many would be 

Paul Carrier
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