[CT Birds] "Lost" Migrants

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Wed Jun 20 22:13:21 EDT 2012

Adding to the discussion on stray migrants in CT now, I've had a couple in  
my garden:  June 11, singing Black-throated Green Warbler - late for my  
garden although there is a road off Rte.7 towards Gaylordsville where I 
usually  find one on the June Count (but not the 16th this year) together with a 
Hermit  Thrush - he was there.  Also the 16th in my garden a Yellow-throated 
Vireo  was singing - the first this year although I believe they have nested 
 here.  He stayed one day and moved on. I heard the first Wood Thrush  here 
on June 10, very late, and he has now moved on.  Blue-winged Warblers  used 
to nest here - no longer, but I did see one near the house on June 6 - he  
did not sing and soon moved on.  See a pattern here as  elsewhere?  "Silent 
Spring" acoming?  
Also on the June 16 count, I believe I heard a N. Parula, but unfortunately 
 forget where.
Angela Dimmitt
New Milford

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