[CT Birds] the subject of invasive species.

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Herd thinning,  thats what I say...yup,  herd thinning.



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Boy, their sure are so many ways to skin a subject, and we are all learning much
about the subject of invasive species. But I just must mention here, another cog 

in the wheel of invasive...

We must also consider the true fact that - the most invasive species on this 
is none other than - The Human Species! 
We, our own species, are certainly the most destructive one of all. Not only
from our human doings to this earth and its environments, but we, human beings,
are the primary cause of most all invasive species of plants, animals, and all 
living organisms on this earth. I only mention this because, we humans always 
to isolate the causes of earthly troubles towards other species and events, but
conveniently excluding our own kind in the total mix of things.

Just another point to consider.......Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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