[CT Birds] Peregrine falcon

John Flynn flynnjohn at me.com
Thu Jun 21 14:19:59 EDT 2012

I was driving along the 291 to 384 connector, tuesday, in east Hartford and I saw a peregrine falcon nearly keeping up with my car. He was flying a leisurely 60 miles per hour about 30 feet away from me. The fact that I was going faster than him is probably a good sign I should slow down. I've also been going to Portland reservoir after work partially to look for rare snake species. There are a ton of nesting birds: Baltimore orioles, several sparrow species, tree and rough winged swallows and one white breasted nuthatch nest all very close to the path. We also saw a green heron perched on a tree. The woods nearby are filled with many eastern towhees and wood thrush. 
I also love the post about humans being the chief invasive species. It's interesting to see that the species that can tolerate unbelievable numbers of giant lumbering two legged predators changing the face of the earth seem to be doing well but the species who respond poorly to stressors are becoming extinct. I suppose this is the new wave of evolution. We've already created a significant extinction event in the history of the planet and time will tell if it will qualify as one of the few major extinction events. It is up to us. 

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